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Virtual Beekeeping Classes

At IFA we love helping to grow the bees you love!

That's why we are proud to offer public learning opportunities to support and inspire new as well as experienced beekeepers.


2022 Virtual Beekeeping Classes

Season Intro Q&A

Season Intro Q&A

Thursday, March 10

6:30 PM MST

Come equipped with questions! In this season opener we will introduce you to beginning beekeeping and hive installation (from last year) followed by an extensive Q&A session featuring your questions. Register now!

Hive Installation

Hive Installation

Thursday, April 14

6:30 PM MST

Watch as expert beekeeper, Matt Bangerter, demonstrates proper hive set up and installation followed by a live Q&A session. Register now!


Hive Split

Hive Inspections & Splits

Thursday, May 12

6:30 PM MST

Learn the ins and outs of hive inspection. Get tips on how to perform inspections as well as signs or activities that you should be on the lookout for. Register now!

Honey Flow

Honey Flows & Mite Check

Thursday, June 9

6:30 PM MST

Prepare for production by learning how about honey flows and how to help your bees make the most of the season. Register now!


Harvesting Honey

Harvesting Honey & Mite Control

Thursday, Aug. 11

6:30 PM MST

We'll walk you through the process and equipment that you'll need to harvest your honey as well as address mite problems and how to control/prevent them. Register now!


Hive Winterizing

Bee Colony & Hive Winterizing

Thursday, Sept. 8

6:30 PM MST

Beekeeping is a year-round commitment. Learn how to winterize your bee colonies and hives to help them remain strong and ready for the next season. Register now!


Beekeeping Q&A

End of Season Q&A

Thursday, October 13

6:30 PM MST

Bring all the questions you might have from previous classes or for future beekeeping. During this class you can also share suggestions for next year's beekeeping classes. Register now!

Virtual Class Registration

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All registered participants will receive an email with a Zoom link one day prior to each class that they are registered for. If you do not receive a confirmation email upon registration or do not receive a class link at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled event, please contact us.

Meet the Mentor

Matt Bangerter

Matt Bangerter

Matt Bangerter, Assistant Manager at our Logan IFA Country Store, is an avid beekeeper with 9 years of beekeeping experience. Matt enjoys mentoring new beekeepers and discussing bee-related topics with bee enthusiasts.

What the "Buzz" is all About

IFA is dedicated to serving intermountain gardeners, growers and yes, BEEKEEPERS!

To better help bee enthusiasts and entrepreneur, we have identified experts within our IFA staff and it is our goal to bring their knowledge and experience to you through our Helping to Grow Blog, in-person seminars and of course the Virtual Beekeeping Classes.

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Digital Learning

Find More on our YouTube Channel

See our "Beekeeping" playlist on YouTube for more beekeeping tips and tricks. You can also stay up to date on beekeeping classes by streaming those you might have missed.

Backyard Beehive

Find the Right Space for Your Beehive

Planning for a productive beehive begins with finding the right space. Help your bees with ideal hive placement.

Varroa Mites

Controlling Varroa Mites in Your Beehive

Controlling Varroa Mites is essential for a healthy, productive bee colony. Help your hives by learning what you can do.

Splitting a Hive

Time to Split! How to Split a Beehive

Grow your apiary by splitting your strong hives and recognize the signs of swarm to prevent losses of productive bees.