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Order Bees This Spring

The bees are back and things are "buzzing" at IFA!

Spring is just around the corner and it's time to order your live bees. Individual Italian and Carniolan queens, 3 lb packages and 5 frame nucs are now available at your local IFA Country Store. Drop by and order your bees today!

How to Order

print and complete order form

Step 1: Complete the Form

Print and fill out the IFA Bee Order Form.

order bees at IFA

Step 2: Visit IFA Country Store

Return the order form to your local IFA and complete your purchase.

bee order notification

Step 3: Prepare for Arrival

We will notify you when the bees arrive and are ready to pick-up!

Arrival dates vary by location.

Order Deadline: March 30, 2024

Honey Bee Varieties

Italian Queen Bee

Italian Bees

Italian bees are the most popular in the U.S. As a gentle yet productive bee variety, they are perfect for beginner beekeepers and the perfect addition to any backyard apiary.

Carniolan Queen Bee

Carniolan Bees

Carniolan bees are known for their ability to overwinter. Their gentle nature and heartiness make them a great variety for seasoned as well as new intermountain beekeepers.

Bee Order Options

Individual Queens

  • Italian Queen Bee
  • Carniolan Queen Bee

Individual queens provide an opportunity for established beekeepers to continue growing their apiary. Italian and Carniolan queens may be purchased for introduction to a queenless hive or when a new hive is split from a strong original colony.

3 lb Bee Packages

  • With Italian Queen
  • With Carniolan Queen

3 lb Bee Packages provide an opportunity for established or even beginner beekeepers to grow an existing apiary or hive. These packages include 3 pounds of worker bees (approximately 10,000 bees) along with an Italian or Carniolan queen.

5 Frame Nucs

  • With Italian Queen
  • With Carniolan Queen

"Nuc" or nucleus colonies are already established hives. These five-frame packages contain an Italian or Carniolan queen and a concentration of workerbees as well as established honey and brood frames that are essential for growing the hive.

Backyard Beehive

Find the Right Space for Your Beehive

Planning for a productive beehive begins with finding the right space. Help your bees with ideal hive placement.

Varroa Mites

Controlling Varroa Mites in Your Beehive

Controlling Varroa Mites is essential for a healthy, productive bee colony. Help your hives by learning what you can do.

Splitting a Hive

Time to Split! How to Split a Beehive

Grow your apiary by splitting your strong hives and recognize the signs of swarm to prevent losses of productive bees.