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IFA Cowboy Poetry Contest: Telling the Story of 100 Years in Ag

IFA has been helping to grow the things we all love in the intermountain west for 100 years. With those 100 years come farm tales, ranch tales and even tall tales that deserve to be told.


Starting December 15 through January 24 IFA will be accepting entries in our first ever Cowboy Poetry Contest. What kind of stories are we looking for? Any that relate to agriculture. Your poems or stories can be based on your own experiences, the experiences of your family or simply represent some part of agriculture life.


Your cowboy poems and stories deserve to be shared so why not share them AND have the chance to win $550 in IFA gift cards?

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How to Enter

Ag and cowboy stories are all around you so if you have a pen, paper and an internet device you have everything you need to participate.


Got a great idea? Put it down on paper. All entries must be the entrant’s original content so start writing your best stories and submit them to our website before January 24th.


Part of great cowboy poetry lies in presentation. If you choose, you may record yourself or delivering the poem or story and upload it with your video with your submission.


Once your poem or story is written you can submit it by filling out the entry form on our website.

  1. Type or legibly hand-write your poems. Submit a PDF or Word version of your poems or upload an image of your hand-written poems.

  2. If you choose, you can upload a video recording of your poem on a phone or camera. (Shorter videos can be uploaded directly to the entry form. Larger videos will need to be uploaded to YouTube as a "public" or "unlisted" video and  submitted via a link to the YouTube page).

  3. Fill out the required contact and consent information and ensure a parent or guardian confirms their consent if you are under 18.

Entries Are Closed

Thank you for participating in IFA's Cowboy Poetry Contest. Entries are now closed. Sign up to recieve anniuncements for IFA's future contests.

Win up to $550 in IFA Gift Cards!

If you have a pen and paper this is not an opportunity you want to pass up! Local and overall winners will be selected in three age divisions to receive IFA gift cards and have their poems published on our website.

Poetry Contest Divisions:

Winners will be selected within three age divisions:

  • Youth (K-8th Grade)
  • Intermediate (9th-12th Grade)
  • Senior (Age 18+)

Local IFA Winners:

A first, second and third place winner will be selected from each IFA branch within the three age divisions. Winners will be selected by a qualified panel of IFA judges and notified via email. Prizes for local winners include:

  • 1st: $50 IFA Gift Card (Per Division)
  • 2nd: $25 IFA Gift Card (Per Division)
  • 3rd: $10 IFA Gift Card (Per Division)

Overall Division Winners:

One overall winner will be selected for each age division. Winners will be notified via email and may be asked to present their poems live at upcoming IFA and FFA events. Overall prizes include:

  • Senior Division: $500 IFA Gift Card
  • Intermediate Division: $250 IFA Gift Card
  • Youth Division: $250 IFA Gift Card

Entry Selection

Winning entries will be selected internally by a panel of qualified IFA judges. Points will be awarded for a combined total score. Entries will be judged on:


The most points will be awarded in this category. Content will be judged for the quality of the story. What is your story about? Is your message conveyed clearly and in a meaningful way? Funny, serious or satirical it doesn’t matter. We are just looking for content that depicts the agricultural lifestyle.


Like content, creativity will account for a large proportion of an entry’s score. Think of out-of-the-box ways to tell your story but make sure it is something that others will connect with.


Cowboy poetry is about rhythm. Rhyming scheme or no rhyming scheme, make sure your poem flows just the way you want it to.


Written entries will be judged for basic spelling and grammar. (Consideration will be given toward stylistic choices).

Good luck! We hope that you have fun sharing your poems and stories about agriculture life.

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