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The sun has set on IFA’s Cowboy Poetry Roundup!

Thanks to all who participated in the second annual IFA Cowboy Poetry Roundup. We are no longer accepting entries.


Congratulations to each of our winners. Thanks for 101 years of growing the things you love. We hope to continue helping you grow for the century to come.

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2024 Cowboy Poetry Roundup Winners

Adult Division

1st Overall: Dakota H.

"Swishing Tails"

2nd Overall: Hal A.

"Fair Education"

3rd Overall (Tie): Justin J.

"The Hand"

3rd Overall (Tie): Doug B.


Screenshot (49)

Intermediate Division

1st Overall: Macklie W.

"Cowboy Poem"

Screenshot (50)

2nd Overall: Lily Y.

"The Old Cowboy"

Screenshot (51)

3rd Overall: Simon B.

"Mountain Dew"

Screenshot 2024-02-08 110905

Youth Division

1st Overall: Eden P.


Screenshot 2024-02-08 111350

2nd Overall: Brooklyn C.

"The Cowgirl in the Rain"


3rd Overall: JanaLee C.

"Colors Like a Kitten"

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