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Changes to IFA's Website & Online Payments


As the digital shopping experience changes with our new website, so is our online payment system for IFA credit accounts.

You can still proceed to make your current payment today as usual through the red button below. However, the payment system will soon only be available through IFA.coop

Please see the info below to learn where and how to register for an online IFA account to make your payments directly at IFA.coop. For help with your IFA account info, contact Receivables@IFA.coop or call 801-908-1233.

Register for Online IFA Account

Make Your Payments Directly at IFA.coop

To make your payments online going forward, simply create an online account at https://www.ifa.coop/Register as an IFA account holder and link it to your current IFA credit account. All you need to get started is (1) your IFA account number and (2) the email address or phone number associated with your account.

See How to Create an Online Account

Watch the Video Below